Don Bosco Training Centre, Delft, Capetown

Kenny Lyons have an ongoing relationship with Streetwise Buildings, a local volunteer group who have undertaken projects in South Africa.

The group completed the rebuilding and renovation of a home for street children in Pinetown, Durban, using Irish volunteers and members of the local community. The work was done over three phases in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

In 2011 Kenny Lyons worked with Streetwise to design and build a much needed Educare Centre on a site in Delft, Cape Town.

In May of 2017, practice diector Peter Lyons, traveled to Delft to oversee the works on the next phase of the works in Delft, a training centre

Peter spent 2 weeks in Delft supervising the completion of foundations and rising walls, pouring concrete floor and columns.

There was also time for a few hurling lessons and the much needed soup kitchen brought out into the township.

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