St. Manchan’s Church

A new porch extension to the existing church was designed to improve access and to include toilet facilities. A new feature stained glass window was included, designed by George Walsh, to complement the Harry Clarke windows in the existing church.

Works were also carried out externally to the Church, improving accessibility for all, new car parking and landscaping.

Explanation of St. Manchan’s Window

This little window celebrates some aspects of the life of St. Manchan. The top of the window shows the hand of God-creator and the elements: sun, moon and stars that were great influences on the Celts. The angel represents the spiritual influence on the Saint, breaking through superstitions to give guidance to his flock. St. Manchan is shown with a crosier over the well, which is known for its curative properties along with pilgrims seeking healing.

The ruins of Manchan’s cell and ancient walkway, as well as the cell of Mella, Manchan’s mother, are depicted here.

As he is reputed not to have spoken to women, he is shown sitting back to back when he met with his mother. The women and mothers – the local group called the Mella’s Club can also be seen there. The crowns symbolise Manchan’s meeting with Dermot, High King of Ireland in 644. A cow is depicted to represent the monks’ survival on the milk of a cow brought from Clonmacnoise. The milk was also freely available to everyone all year round. At the base is a rainbow, a symbol of race and God’s covenant with humanity. Other symbols are: the sea-renewal and cleansing and the boat, representing the Church, missionary work and our journey through life. I would hope that as people look at the window it will reveal other messages and they will leave with some spiritual renewal

-:George Walsh

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