The New South Stand

The new south stand at O’Connor Park is the first phase of a major redevelopment of this sports stadium. The new 7,000 seat stand includes comfortable accommodation for press staff and radio commentators as well as a wheelchair viewing platform at the upper level.

The accommodation is covered by a steel canopy with white soft fit cladding to reflect light into the stand from the rear horizontal slit windows.

Accommodation underneath the stand terrace includes toilets, shops, control rooms, referees changing rooms and a corporate entertainment suite.The new stand was completed in June 2006 at a cost of €5,300,000. Phase II, the north terrace was completed in 2007 for €1,600,000.

The final Phase was completed in 2010 at a cost of €1,555,000 and included new dressing rooms, TV studio, Camera and Commentary rooms and a new East Terrace.


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