Emmet Square & Wilmer Road, Birr, Co. Offaly.

Offaly County Council provided a brief to  improve accessibility to O’Connell Street and Main Street to include:

  • Wilmer Road Car Park – improving access between Wilmer Road and Mill Street
  • Emmet Square Enhancement – access to O’Connell Street will be attractive, safer, visible and more easily negotiated.

The project involved the reorientation of Emmett Square to reduce the number of exits off the N52 and create better traffic flows in the square at lower speeds in the interest of safety.The reconfiguration also introduced new wider footpaths all around the Square giving greater priority to pedestrians. The introduction of a new Central Civic Space facilitates the holding of public events , markets & festivals.

Phase 2 of the project involved the provision of a new roadway, pedestrian access & cycle route from Wilmer Road to Mill Street. Works included the relocation & refurbishment of the entrance on to Mill Street from Wilmer Road carpark and the re-configutration of the entrance from Wilmer Road to accommodate cycle & pedestrian access. A set down area was introduced & footpaths improved.

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