Permission Granted For New €20m Riverside Retail Centre in Tullamore, Co Offaly

The Kenny Lyons & Associates Team are delighted to announce the approval of this planning permission on behalf of our client Grapemont Limited. The project has the potential to bring almost 240 jobs permanently to Tullamore when completed. The development will consist of 15 retail units, a cinema, cafes, and restaurants which will greatly enhance the visitor experience and benefit the local commerce footfall to the centre of the town.

The proposed development will comprise of approximately 130,000 sq. ft of retail space. The addition of a large retail-led mixed-use development in Tullamore is a great amenity for locals but also has the potential to attract people from a far greater catchment area. It was evident from our site analysis and studying the overall form of the subject site that it could act as a key to unlock the surrounding area with new routes which would link the town and enrich it with newfound permeability. It is envisaged that the development of this site will act as a catalyst to draw businesses and consumers back towards the historic core of Tullamore Town. The main aim of the scheme was, to provide mixed use town centre development exceeding local community expectations regarding the retail offer, of high visual amenity, and to modern standards to bring Tullamore to the level expected of a key county town and to provide equal opportunity for retail / town centre use as other towns of similar size and in importance in the retail hierarchy.’ An iterative design process was employed which means there was a cyclical process of prototyping, testing, analysing, and refining to improve and develop a site design strategy which aimed to satisfy as many factors as possible.

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